The Waldorf Astoria

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What an Awesome event at The Waldorf Astoria. Special Thanks to Ashly Olivia, Adilen Perez, John Ryan, and our wonderful client Justine Kuiper.


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The profoto B1 tests continue. Today welders in orlando. The profoto b 1 s are like cheating. No modifiers -NO Problem. If I had shot these photos available light, I would not have been able to create the DRAMA and hard lighting that these , powerful.portable. easy  to use strobes produce. Stay tuned – next week we are shooting a bride in a remote swamp at dusk and then it off to the secluded pine island (gulf fla) to shoot swimsuit models. So far I LOOOOOVE these lights!beforedaveweldebeforedillond3ed4ed7ehane

Sarasota Ritz Beach Club Wedding of Sara and Ben

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Awesome Wedding of Sara and Ben, Congratulations you two. In Spite of tropical storm Karen looming off the coast we had great weather and a great time. Special Thanks to Lisa Holsclaw, Nicole, Lisa, and Korrin from NK productions, Clint Wiley and his rocking band, and the fabulous staff of the Sarasota Ritz Beach Club. Here is a little sneak Peek!

Waldorf Orlando Wedding Daniela and Mark

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Congratulations to Daniela and Mark! Special Thanks to Heather and Shanna from Weddings Unique, Andrea and the staff of the Waldorf, Jesus and  Walter from Raining Roses, Clint Wiley and his band, Ben from Kaleidoscope, and our DJ and performers who made this a magical evening!

Bonita Springs Wedding of Abigail and Stephen

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Photos cannot do justice to the grandeur and beauty of this wedding. Designs by Sean outdid himself once again. Special thanks to the Bonita Springs Hyatt, also to Leslie Mastin and her team, all the performers, and the Dosoretz and Pezzi families. Thanks for letting my team be a part of this AWESOME event! Congratulations Abby and Stephen!

Orlando Wedding of Ashley and Nick

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Another fabulous wedding with this fabulous family. You might remember that we shot Darcy and Bill’s white tent wedding, plus their cute new arrival, Fisher. Ashley is also in the family and I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a good time at this wedding celebration.

Of course a great party like this must be the work of the ladies of Wonderful Weddings and the expert design team of Flourish Floral Productions at the Citrus Club.



Divya and Ashish’s Wedding Photos in Naples

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Rain or shine this family came to celebrate and nothing could get in their way (not even Tropical Storm Andrea).

Being involved in the behind-the-scenes action at weddings is an exhilarating and inspiring experience that I never tire of seeing. But paramount to that, it is an honor. You just can’t help but feel blessed to witness the superlative love that two people fully connected share. It is only further elevated, when both families are truly delighted at the notion that this man and this woman, whom they loved dearly, have managed to find the single person that they were put on this Earth to be with. I am in awe.

A four day EXTRAVAGANZA does not happen by chance. The vendor team that participated in this wedding was a well oiled machine who’s experience showed.

Enough praise and gratitude can not be given to the following companies for making this weekend wonderfully prodigious:

  • Waldorf Astoria Naples (from the bell staff, to servers, Priya you are in class all on your own and of course the chefs)
  • Weddings Unique
  • Occasions by Shangri-La
  • DJ Sharad
  • Get Lit Productions
  • Fandango Video
  • Ana Paz Cakes
  • KC Makeup
  • And the Lakhaney and Thani families

Koren and Tony’s Wedding in Orlando

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Koren and Tony are the sweetest couple and I really enjoyed being apart of their wedding planning process. They had a great wedding vendor list that included Raining Roses as their florist, Swag Decor and of course the fabulous staff of the JW Marriott, Orlando.


The One and Only, Ocean Club Wedding

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Danielle and Travis’ wedding was yesterday and to say it was a once-in-a-life time experience is totally accurate. As amazing as the majestic One and Only, Ocean Club resort (on Paradise Island) is, what made this wedding special wasn’t actually the location. It was the couple, their family and their closest friends. We were honored to be there to document it.

There is something so special about these two. Maybe it’s the way they just ooze love, or perhaps it’s the obvious mutual respect and genuine adoration they shared for one another. Whatever it is, it was magical to be around.

Bahamas Wedding

I find that whenever I’m traveling I love seeing familiar faces, in strange places. On this trip we were fortunate to see several friendors and past clients including Melisssa and Warren Dietel, Kari from About Face, Sky and Jennifer from Perfect Sky Productions, Sully and Caroline (who are expecting in November) and our favorite designer, Sean De freitas. This really was such a cool experience; I hope we get the chance to do this again, and again.

Sean and his crew worked tirelessly in the hot Bahamas sun to create the most amazing tent reception I’ve ever seen. Every table was different and the lush, fresh flowers were literally dripping in brilliant color. Sean really knew what he was doing, because as the sun set and twilight dawn, the magic of creative, well thought out lighting took center stage. There are just no words that can adequately describe this unique design element that was cloaked in the natural light, then, at night fall, unveiled by Mother Nature herself. This “surprise guest” brought with it a bewitching enchantment that is as uncommon, as it is extraordinary. But don’t worry, we have lots of pictures to show you exactly what I mean.

Bahamas Wedding

I can’t stop looking at the pictures and I hope to post a sneak peak of the wedding in the next few days.

~ Rosy


Sarasota Wedding Feature

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Once of our favorite and friendly couples is featured on the Occasions Magazine blog today. This wedding had it all… cowboy hats, boots, baby’s breath and vintage touches everywhere.

Ringling Museum Wedding

Click the picture to view the entire wedding story and see the complete vendor list.

Payton and Kenny’s Real Wedding Story

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As an artist it’s always such an honor to have my work are featured. I am particular happy when it includes one of my favorite couples, like Payton and Kenny. Their beautiful destination wedding took place last year at the lovely Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida.

Read all about their love story and wedding planning details on the Destination I Do blog.

Payton and Kenny


I’m Teaching for a Good Cause

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A fellow photographer and his wife need your support. Please join us for a great learning experience that will benefit an industry icon.

Our great PPSCF members and photography industry icons Tim & Mitzi Kelly have had a long and difficult year. You can read their story here:  . ThePPSCF family has decided to make our next Explore Event a fundraiser to help them. All of the proceeds will go to benefit Tim and Mitzi Kelly to assist with their medical bills. Please join us.



Jessica and David at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando

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Love, love, love this couple. It was a cold and windy day, but that didn’t stop this awesome couple from saying I Do. This wedding is proof that when you hire an experienced and professional vendor team, it really does make the difference.

It was a honor to work along side the ladies of Wonderful Weddings, Jane and her staff from the Waldorf, the uber creative team at Raining Roses, Kaleidoscope Event Lighting, Shannon Caine, About Face, Focused on Forever and Letz Dance On It.


Lynsey and Chris at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando

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Congratulations Lynsey and Chris. We loved this winter wonderland wedding at the Peabody. Oh, did we mention that the bride wore three amazing dresses, each one was stunning!

Special thanks to this amazing vendor team: Peabody Hotel, Greenery Productions, Rev. Glynn Ferguson, Larri Green Mattison, Jan Jennings, Simply Cinematic, Letz Dance On it, Party Flavors, Messina Productions, The Invitation Lounge, A Chair Affair and of course, Annie from The Soiree Co. Great job team!