Jessica and Greg’s Wedding at the Sirata Beach Resort

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Jessica and Greg had the perfect weather for a beach wedding. It was actually very pleasant for late July in FLA. Special thanks to Kelli Love and the staff from The Sirata Beach Resort for making this an awesome event. The food was spectacular. Check out this sneak peek we have attached and feel free to leave your comments.

Best Wishes!


AFR Networker Sneak Peak

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Every year AFR (American Furniture Rental) hosts one of the most amazing special events industry networker’s in Central Florida. This year’s theme was “CouNTDOWN to CHaos” and hundreds of vendors descended on the Majestic Event Center to witness the destruction. The long list of sponsor’s, which included 5 caterers, 2 florists, lighting, drape and entertainment to mention a few, created a scene of anarchy and devastation. Which by the way, makes for great photographs.

Here is a sneak peak  of the carnage from last night’s event.

Ballroom at Church Street Wedding Feature

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Congratulations to our friends, Lindsay and Matt Masteron on your first anniversary and on being featured in Central Florida Bride magazine. This is a different spin on a real wedding feature that is designed to help brides navigate the planning process. Lindsay and Matt selected some of the best vendors in Orlando, please be sure to check out their list and read an extended version of the article on Central Florida Bride’s blog.

Real Wedding at the Ballroom At Church Street

Tucci Tip Tuesday

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Room Shots

Venue shots are in my opinion a big part of the story of the wedding day. More often then not, a lot of time and effort have been brought together to materialize the bride’s vision of her day. I am fortunate enough to work with outstanding coordinators, designers, floral  and decor artists, and lighting gurus. They make my job easy. What is not easy, however is that these rooms generally are not finalized until  minutes of the doors opening to the guests. Usually you will have well meaning servers, banquet captains, and other vendors doing last minute checks and admiring their work. ARGH! Here is what I do. I politely ask/remind the powers that be if I could have 3 minutes with the room cleared so I can photograph the room.(this does not always happen) Before then I look for my money scene that will showcase the whole room. I know when the room is empty that is the 1st shot I will employ. I may have 2 wide money shots but prioritize and then I work from wide to tight to details. I know the servers and guests will all be running back any second, so this preplanning is critical. While I wait i shoot details,details,details.


Good Luck


Becky and Alfonso’s Wedding at the Waldorf

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What a great day we had for Becky and Alfonso’s Wedding at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando.  Special Thanks to Jane Mclean from the Waldorf, Heather and Shanna from Weddings Unique, Remmal from Occasions by Shangri-la, Byron from Get Lit, and Brian Scott our DJ. We also had some awesome performers from South Florida. Congratulations to Becky and Alfonso!


Romance at Roy’s In Sarasota

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Being a part of the wedding and event industry is a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun also. Last night we were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a local networking event at the Roy’s in Sarasota. The room was amazing, the food was scrumptious and the service was stellar; but the best part was meeting so many new and friendly fellow vendors.

Many thanks to Andrew, the managing partner and chef Justin for putting together an amazing spread. Also, as you can see from the pictures there was yummy cupcakes and two magnificent cakes provided by Alla from the Cake Zone. The main attraction was the 4 foot tall designer wedding gown made of FLOWERS! It was designed by the creative director of Raining Roses, Jesus Rodriguez. Absolutely original, and stunningly beautiful.

Jessica and Enrique’s wedding at the Mezz

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My two favorite veterinarians got married in the newly renovated and gorgeous St James downtown and had a blowout reception at the Mezz. Congratulations Jessica and Enrique and special thanks to Shanna and Heather from Weddings Unique, Tommy Murphy from Greenery Productions, The Mezz staff,  and Alex from Voila. Here are some of my favorites.


Stephanie and John- Country Club of Orlando

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Fabulous Wedding at Knowles Chapel with a cool reception at Country Club of Orlando. Special thanks to Linda and Heather from Weddings Unique, Lauren and all the staff at CCO, Lee James Floral for the main room and church decor, Jesus for the rocking dessert party, Ricky and the BUZZCATZ, Ben and Kaleidoscope lighting and Brett Culp for the video.

Northern California Trip – Hwy 1

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On Thursday we touched down at the San Francisco airport just after 9pm and spend the next few hours tracking down Damon’s lost suitcase and getting our oh-so California hybrid rental car.  We had made the decision to drive south to Monterey that night in order to avoid the Golden state’s infamous traffic. This meant that we checked into the old Monterey Hotel at 3am!

The 1905 hotel is super charming, even despite the fact that there is no elevator. We managed to get a couple hours of sleep and rose bright and early for a walking tour of downtown Monterey. As we soaked up the fresh ocean air we journeyed over to the local wharf.

Known for is once lucrative canning industry, this waterfront community is the place for kayaking, scuba diving, whale watching and ton of other outdoor activities, thanks to it’s year-round temperate climate.

As we strolled along the coast to the famous Monterey Aquarium, I couldn’t help but miss my beloved Zeke. All the locals were walking with their furry friends, enjoying the 65 degree weather.

The view from the back of the Monterey Aquarium

After rescuing Damon’s luggage, we headed south, down to Carmel and Big Sur, which was about a 40-mile drive. All along the shore line, we were greeted with blue skies and the open ocean.

Don't really remember where this is. Just seemed beautiful to us.

Big Sur National Park

It seemed only fitting that we stopped for a hike among the ginormous Redwoods, as the entire reason we are in California is for PPA’s One to Grow On Photography Tour. The trees were impressive, but the coolest part was that as we ventured deeper into the forest, everything seemed to smell like breakfast; maple syrup to be exact.

Sunset at Pebble Beach

A lone tree along the 17-mile Drive

You can’t beat a West Coast sunset. Although, for some reason this one only seemed to last for a few minutes, unlike the ones in Key West. Maybe it’s the drinks they serve in Mallory Square that seem to make time slow to a crawl. Regardless, it was a great way to end our first day in California.

Tori and Chad – Ceviche

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Wow, we are so fortunate to have the nicest clients! Chad and Tori and their families were wonderful to work with. Kelly and the staff of Ceviche’s were phenomenal as well. I have posted some of my favorites in the slideshow below.