Damon Tucci Photography

Visual Pimping DVD


Damon’s newest training DVD geared specifically for wedding and portrait pro photographers.

  1. Learn how to see the advantages of any lighting situation.
  2. Follow Damon on four shoots from initial capture to Photoshop and On One polishing techniques: bridal, senior and two fashion shoots.
  3. Available, OCF and video lighting strategies.
  4. 40 inspirational before and after images with metadata.
  5. Posing techniques.
  6. Damon’s favorite products & sponsor giveaways from Miller’s Lab, On One Software and Radio Poppers. A $200.00 value!

162 reviews for Visual Pimping DVD

  1. Lakiesha
    1 out of 5

    Why is no one talking about the weather. And compact fleenuscort bulbs? I tried some a few years ago because I liked to leave my porch light on all night, saves watts. They worked great, then winter came. When it's 2 degrees outside, they simply do not work. Isn't that kind of a big deal? Hello? Washington, anyone awake? Great piece by Noggle, BTW.

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